Free Real Estate Tour

Free Real Estate Tour

We will meet you at the airport with our authorized personnel.

While accompanying you to your accommodation, we will provide cultural information about our region and our country.

We will place you in one of our apartments where you will stay. While you will feel all the quality and charm of resting in our comfortable apartments, you will have the opportunity to compare with the hotels you have experienced before.




While we are hosting you in our regional office, we will offer you a nice cup of Turkish coffee. We will start making list and plans about your travel route.

Together with you, we will examine all the houses that interest you and we will make visits to them. We will visit the social living areas in the region where the residences are located.

Take time for our cultural program: take the opportunity to see attractions, resort areas, markets, parks and shopping centers.




A program for relax you: we compare your favorite housing options in our cafes with breathtaking views in our area.