Residence Permit

Residence Permit

Adil Amirzhanov 2021-08-12

There are a number of rights and obligations that foreigners have in respect of international law and the implementation of our national law in parallel in our country. One of the most important grounds for establishing the legal connection between the foreign person and our country on these rights and obligations is, of course, the residence permit. Residence is where an individual demonstrates his will to live in a legal sense. The person declares this place as a place of residence through the competent institutions of his country. This arrangement, which the individual needs in the framework of social and legal rules, undoubtedly applies to foreigners who are in our country. The residence permit, which is necessary both for the social order of the foreigner and for the legal order of our country, The foreign person is the document that gives us the right to live in a certain period and in a certain place in our country. This permit issued by the competent authorities is issued in accordance with the requirements of the person and in the direction of the request. The residence permits a foreign person to be granted a legal right to remain in Turkey during the period prescribed by this document. According to the new application, which was initiated within the framework of Foreigners and International Protection Law No. 6458, which was enacted on 11/04/2014, residence permits will be made to the consulates in the country where the foreigner is a citizen or legally, and there is no need to arrange a visa. Foreign nationals who have a valid residence permit may enter the country or exit the country exempt from visa requirements. If a foreigner staying in Turkey with a residence permit is present at the end of the leave period, he may extend his / her residence permit in the province governorships he / she resides without having to leave the country if he / she still has the conditions, or may switch to a residence permit for his / her new situation if he / According to the practice, where the foreigners and the International Protection Law numbered 6458 are enacted in the residence permit applications, the application of the companionship has been abolished and the application and permission document of each foreigner will be arranged separately. The residence permit can be made by the foreign person himself or by a legal representative or a solicitor. However, in this regard, the administrative authority may require the foreigner to be present at the time of the application for the initiative granted. Residence permits of foreigners residing in Turkey are made from the consulates in the country where the applicants are citizens of foreign countries or legally. In addition, applications for residence permit will continue to be received from the governorships (Provincial Directorate of Immigration) within the country until 31/12/2014. Another innovation that Law No. 6458 puts into effect is that the work permit is a residence permit. According to article 27 of the Law, if a foreigner obtains a work permit, he / she does not need to obtain a residence permit.

New Period in Residence Tezkeler

The first phase of permits to enable foreign nationals to live abroad; It is a residence permit. In April 11, 2014, the Law No. 6458 on Foreigners and International Protection No. 6458 entered into force and in accordance with the new law, foreigners are entitled to one year residence permit in our country. The following topics related to the residence quotes that have just started to be implemented are listed. Please contact us for more detailed information.